Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bourjous - 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation

As my other half and I are trying to save our ponies for a relocation to New York, I had to curb my makeup budget. So rather than spending over $80 on my foundation, I headed to Priceline to see what was available in the lower end of the cost bracket. And what I was delighted to come across was the Bourjous 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation.  

I am very pro sunscreen, but I love that this dewy foundation doesn't have SPF in it. It makes for a thin consistency and doesn't feel clogging to the skin. It also shows up well in photos, as other foundations containing sunscreen can leave you looking like a ghost. 

The best thing about this foundation is it truly looks like it isn't there. It gives you a nice, "I've slept for 10 hours!" glow (as the name implies) and is almost undetectable. And it smells like apricots.

I love all things beauty, but feel sad when I see girls wearing too much foundation. 

I was recently sitting in on job interviews to help assess the applicants. Many were polite, intelligent and well presented, but I am ashamed to say I was instantly weary of the ladies who were wearing a thick, caked on layer of  foundation. They seemed less trustworthy. If you feel you must wear such a thick shelacking of foundation, what are you hiding? If you can't trust me to not shriek in fright at the sight of your bare skin, can I trust you to lock up the office properly and not steal my stapler? 

I feel foundation can be grossly overused as a social mask and I would have loved nothing more than to give her a cleansing facial, share a tub of ice cream and have a little pampering session to boost her confidence in her own skin. After all, we are all beautiful. 


  1. You're so cute Ali! I love your posts and this has come at just the right time for me, looking for a cheaper foundation on a budget while my expensive stuff has run out :( love your work babe, hope you are well xoxo

  2. how cute! might try one! I would never spend 80 on foundation though. Its all the same, but L'Oreal does nice stuff too!
    good luck with NY

  3. Hey you

    I dont have facebook any more so wanted to see how you doing in NY!