Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybelline - Shadow Stylist: Elegant Pearl

This eye shadow is the best I have ever had. I usually branch out and try different brands when I run out of a high rotation colour, but I am on my third one of the same brand, same colour, I do the same tricks with it and if they ever discontinue it, I swear I will cry.

Gold eye shadow is an absolute MUST for brunettes. Especially if you have any brown/gold tones in your eyes. It makes you look more awake, younger and gives you an instant cheeky twinkle.

I first discovered this fine powder in my friend Loz's make-up case. I replicated the way she applied it and have since honed it into what, in my humble opinion, is the instant, eye enhancing look.

The trick is to put two dabs of it on each eye, one dab in the inner corner of your eye, and the other in the centre of your lid, where your pupil is underneath. Then you rub in it so it doesn't look powdery, so it just is a nice, glinting gold. Make sure it catches the light surrounding the inner corner of your eye. Then finally add a little bit under your eye brow. 

I don't have an exact price on this, but I think around $15.00. I have tried so many gold eye shadows; Chanel, MAC, The Make Up Store, Jemma Cosmetics and about a million others and I still swear this one is the very best. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

MAC - "Lady Danger" matte red lipstick

I always envy women who can wear red lipstick during the day and make it work. I have been tried this before but end up feeling self-conscience and ducking into the bathrooms to wipe it off. 

I love the matte look. And this colour is really nice as it's not too dark. The general rule of thumb with red lips is that people with olive skin wear blue based reds and people with pink tinted skin go with an orange toned red. And anyone can wear hot pink.

So to make whatever red tone you choose stay on longer, here are a few tips: exfoliate your lips so they are really soft with no dry bits, dust with some powder (I use my mineral make-up with a little bit of bronzer) and then apply the red lip stick. This will make it stay put a little longer.

And when you head out make sure you have a red lippy buddy who will keep an eye on your pout and teeth.


MAC red lipstick in "Lady Danger" 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chloe Eau De Toilette - the new fragrance

As it's Valentines Day, I thought I would do a lovely dovey fragrance review. My gorgeous boyfriend Rob gave this to me for my birthday and it makes me feel a little princess-y every time I put it on. 


It has quite a warm bottom note to it. Not an amber, which is what my other favourite fragrances have, but maybe a honey and a light wood. The white flowers at the top are warm also, like peony and maybe magnolia. It is not a crisp fragrance and I wouldn't call it refreshing, but more comforting and girly.

It has a sweet intensity that stirs memories of a the prettiest girl in my ballet class when I was about 6, or a the way a friend's cool older sister's bedroom smells.

I am looking forward to wearing this in winter. I think it will suit leather jackets, cashmere scarves and cosy snuggles rather than the stickiness of late summer.

Chloe EDT - $120.00
Can be purchased from David Jones, Myer and all good fragrance retailers.

Australis Lash Me Mousse Mascara

I got this free through work somehow and as I usually go for the high end designer mascara I considered it a spare. It has become an item on my main make-up rotation. A cheapy but a goodie.


It has a brush almost exactly like the Chanel one, and is a nice thin formula that holds the lashes up without clumping them all together. A few applications makes it look better and I always use the side of my finger to push my lashes up and get rid of an excess. I think this is the best low-cost mascara - but still desn't match Dior.

Australis - Lash Me Mousse Mascara - Pitch Black

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lemongrass House - new shop in Newtown


On King St in Newtown is a new green and brown shop called Lemongrass House. 

It has so many different products all lining the walls like a colourful, fragrant army. When chatting to the owner of the shop, Toni, I found out that these products contain no parabens, no sulfates, and some of the finest smelling essential oils I have ever experienced. I almost needed a moment when I smelt their jasmine. My god. Amazing.

All their products are made in Thailand and they stock some of the best hotels, resorts and spas in the world. Ever stayed at a ritzy hotel and found yourself stealing shampoo bottles from the maid's cart because it was so nice? Chances are it was a Lemongrass House product.

This is the first Lemongrass House shop in Australia and it is divine. I left the shop full of info and desperate for a holiday to Phuket. 

I bought Jasmine shampoo and Fig Tea conditioner (I love to mix and match) as well as some Green Tea face cream. 


Jasmine shampoo ($18.00)
Great scent, leaves the hair feeling squeaky clean without stripping the hair of its natural oils. It contains ingredients like aloe vera, sea kelp extract, green tea extract... basically a whole lot of goodness in a bottle.

Fig Tea conditioner ($18.00)
My hair is naturally wavy and thick, so I usually just grab a conditioner for super dry hair and use lots of it. Looking at the consistency (it looked a little thin) I told shop owner Toni that I was worried it wouldn't do the job. She had hair almost exactly like mine (I LOVE it when this happens) and she said it was fine. 
IN LOVE with this! Seriously, one of the best conditioners I have ever tried. It smells great and is rich enough without having to spent five minutes rinsing it out of your hair like other glue-like conditioners for dry hair. My pick of Lemongrass House products so far.

Green Tea face cream ($28.00)
Since it's summer and the humidity is RIDICULOUS in Sydney, I have struggled to find a face cream for dry skin that isn't so rich that you feel claustrophobic under it. The beauty of this cream is that it's a gel. It is super sheer but reduces any tight feeling and absorbs quickly without inducing your pores to push it back out again.
It contains cucumber extract and jojoba oil(which both soothed my overheated skin), shea butter, aloe vera, white orchid extract and BANANA EXTRACT. I love putting my banana on my skin! (I will post a recipe for a home spa treatment soon)
This face cream is hands down, my number one pick for a summer face cream. Go get it.

Address: 114 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Ph: 02 9517 9351