Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bourjous - 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation

As my other half and I are trying to save our ponies for a relocation to New York, I had to curb my makeup budget. So rather than spending over $80 on my foundation, I headed to Priceline to see what was available in the lower end of the cost bracket. And what I was delighted to come across was the Bourjous 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation.  

I am very pro sunscreen, but I love that this dewy foundation doesn't have SPF in it. It makes for a thin consistency and doesn't feel clogging to the skin. It also shows up well in photos, as other foundations containing sunscreen can leave you looking like a ghost. 

The best thing about this foundation is it truly looks like it isn't there. It gives you a nice, "I've slept for 10 hours!" glow (as the name implies) and is almost undetectable. And it smells like apricots.

I love all things beauty, but feel sad when I see girls wearing too much foundation. 

I was recently sitting in on job interviews to help assess the applicants. Many were polite, intelligent and well presented, but I am ashamed to say I was instantly weary of the ladies who were wearing a thick, caked on layer of  foundation. They seemed less trustworthy. If you feel you must wear such a thick shelacking of foundation, what are you hiding? If you can't trust me to not shriek in fright at the sight of your bare skin, can I trust you to lock up the office properly and not steal my stapler? 

I feel foundation can be grossly overused as a social mask and I would have loved nothing more than to give her a cleansing facial, share a tub of ice cream and have a little pampering session to boost her confidence in her own skin. After all, we are all beautiful. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aesop - Rind Aromatique Body Balm

It always feels like a nice snuggly home updating my blog. It perfectly reflects the silly little highlights I have in my day; smelling the jasmine flowers on my way to work, the smell of my boyfriend's cologne after his morning shower, my first coffee of the day and the smell of white out (does anyone else still LOVE the smell of white out?).

But I digress. I have just been so busy lately that I have not been able to write something here, and I have missed it.

SO. To this entry's treat. A dear friend of mine works for Easop and as she knows I am a little bit of a lotionaholic, she kindly gives me sweet smelling treats on a regular basis. 

The Rind Aromatique Body Balm does live up to it's name. It certainly has a strong scent to it, but the way it makes your skin feel is worth it. And once it sinks in, a really genuine vanilla note comes through over the citrus and your skin smells divine all day. AND it is very gentle on sensitive skin, which is always a plus for me. 

It contains orange peel, grape fruit and pink grapefruit and the labels says you can put it on the fridge for a cool treat during the summer heat.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maison Martin Margiela new fragrance

This is very much a premature blog - but I am just so excited I can't help myself. A new perfume has just come on the market and I am beside myself with anticipation to smell it.

Maison Martin Margiela has just launched it's premier fragrance called 'Untitled'. It was created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier who is also behind most of the scents from Prada. It is unisex and has been described as 'floral, woody and very green'.

Just to amuse myself until I get to smell the real thing - I shall muse at what is has to offer. I predict that it will be a more woody version of Chanel's Chance Eau Fraiche. Like a yummy spot where the freshness of citrus meets the warmth of grass, but with a heart of wood and an untangible edible quality. 

Of course I could be totally wrong. But in my excitement it is fun to have a guess! 

 Isn't it just lovely? No word on when this will arrive to our shores - but FYI - my birthday is in October.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Benefit - PosieTint

I used to hate blushing. I would feel that familiar heat crawl up my neck and go red in the face at the slightest bit of attention. Now I am a little older and less prone to embarrassment (ha. not really.) a delicious manufactured flush is one of my favourite looks.

A dear friend of mine living in London sent me some Benefit Posie Tint for Christmas. In the past I had used cheek and lip stains, but always in a red. As I have quite a pink complexion anyway, I was worried that I would end up looking ruddy, rather than cute.

I have grown to absolutely adore this product. It actually neutralizes my 'pinkness' and creates rosy little apple cheeks that makes you look young and fresh faced.

If you are feeling tired or a little run down, this can be the perfect pick me up. It puts a certain cheeky vitality back in the face.

And although it's a little expensive, it lasts for ages.

To apply:

Put a neat dab on both cheeks and rub in immediately. If you leave it sitting in one place too long it can stain that area and you end up with obvious spots of pink. 

I use a dab on each of my lips, as you will end up smudging it off through the day, so it's good to start strong. 

I use a little bit of bronzer on top of this, as I think it adds to the healthy glow.

Benefit PosieTint - $54.00

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybelline - Shadow Stylist: Elegant Pearl

This eye shadow is the best I have ever had. I usually branch out and try different brands when I run out of a high rotation colour, but I am on my third one of the same brand, same colour, I do the same tricks with it and if they ever discontinue it, I swear I will cry.

Gold eye shadow is an absolute MUST for brunettes. Especially if you have any brown/gold tones in your eyes. It makes you look more awake, younger and gives you an instant cheeky twinkle.

I first discovered this fine powder in my friend Loz's make-up case. I replicated the way she applied it and have since honed it into what, in my humble opinion, is the instant, eye enhancing look.

The trick is to put two dabs of it on each eye, one dab in the inner corner of your eye, and the other in the centre of your lid, where your pupil is underneath. Then you rub in it so it doesn't look powdery, so it just is a nice, glinting gold. Make sure it catches the light surrounding the inner corner of your eye. Then finally add a little bit under your eye brow. 

I don't have an exact price on this, but I think around $15.00. I have tried so many gold eye shadows; Chanel, MAC, The Make Up Store, Jemma Cosmetics and about a million others and I still swear this one is the very best. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

MAC - "Lady Danger" matte red lipstick

I always envy women who can wear red lipstick during the day and make it work. I have been tried this before but end up feeling self-conscience and ducking into the bathrooms to wipe it off. 

I love the matte look. And this colour is really nice as it's not too dark. The general rule of thumb with red lips is that people with olive skin wear blue based reds and people with pink tinted skin go with an orange toned red. And anyone can wear hot pink.

So to make whatever red tone you choose stay on longer, here are a few tips: exfoliate your lips so they are really soft with no dry bits, dust with some powder (I use my mineral make-up with a little bit of bronzer) and then apply the red lip stick. This will make it stay put a little longer.

And when you head out make sure you have a red lippy buddy who will keep an eye on your pout and teeth.


MAC red lipstick in "Lady Danger" 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chloe Eau De Toilette - the new fragrance

As it's Valentines Day, I thought I would do a lovely dovey fragrance review. My gorgeous boyfriend Rob gave this to me for my birthday and it makes me feel a little princess-y every time I put it on. 


It has quite a warm bottom note to it. Not an amber, which is what my other favourite fragrances have, but maybe a honey and a light wood. The white flowers at the top are warm also, like peony and maybe magnolia. It is not a crisp fragrance and I wouldn't call it refreshing, but more comforting and girly.

It has a sweet intensity that stirs memories of a the prettiest girl in my ballet class when I was about 6, or a the way a friend's cool older sister's bedroom smells.

I am looking forward to wearing this in winter. I think it will suit leather jackets, cashmere scarves and cosy snuggles rather than the stickiness of late summer.

Chloe EDT - $120.00
Can be purchased from David Jones, Myer and all good fragrance retailers.