Saturday, March 6, 2010

Benefit - PosieTint

I used to hate blushing. I would feel that familiar heat crawl up my neck and go red in the face at the slightest bit of attention. Now I am a little older and less prone to embarrassment (ha. not really.) a delicious manufactured flush is one of my favourite looks.

A dear friend of mine living in London sent me some Benefit Posie Tint for Christmas. In the past I had used cheek and lip stains, but always in a red. As I have quite a pink complexion anyway, I was worried that I would end up looking ruddy, rather than cute.

I have grown to absolutely adore this product. It actually neutralizes my 'pinkness' and creates rosy little apple cheeks that makes you look young and fresh faced.

If you are feeling tired or a little run down, this can be the perfect pick me up. It puts a certain cheeky vitality back in the face.

And although it's a little expensive, it lasts for ages.

To apply:

Put a neat dab on both cheeks and rub in immediately. If you leave it sitting in one place too long it can stain that area and you end up with obvious spots of pink. 

I use a dab on each of my lips, as you will end up smudging it off through the day, so it's good to start strong. 

I use a little bit of bronzer on top of this, as I think it adds to the healthy glow.

Benefit PosieTint - $54.00

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